About LambBird

Just the Two of Us

LambBird was founded in 2017 by two marketing professionals who have spent years learning the ins and outs of the branding, design, and content worlds. From large universities to real estate companies to small coffee shops and start-ups, we have learned to work with clients of all kinds to help them build a better brand.​

We have stayed small since our founding. This helps us maintain our low fees, and it allows our clients to get to know us in a way that is sometimes difficult with larger agencies.

Jess Brandon, graphic designer
Joy Brandon, content manager

The LambBird Way

We work off of a menu of services that allows us to tailor each of our projects to the individual needs of our clients. Our menu ensures that you aren't paying extra for services that are not beneficial to your company.

We've had clients that know exactly what they need, and have used the menu to scope out the cost associated with their project instantly. Other clients ask for our guidance, and we are able to put together a fully custom project scope for them free of charge.

Our Services


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